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Uncovering The Hidden Value In Distressed Real Estate Investments

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Distressed real estate is an area of interest for investors. There are many profitable ways to invest in distressed real estate as a method of diversification.

Distressed real estate has strong values due to its location and visibility. This can be important when looking at distressed properties as a starting point for other investments.

Some of the benefits include the chance to make money while properties go through multiple changes, including ownership, investment strategies, and value change.

For example, a former dentist who now specializes in reconstructive dentistry has an office that she rents out and charges for dental services. She gains income from her property while also being involved in community work and property management.

Additionally, one can work with severely damaged or distressed properties and recover some value or gain new revenue sources by working with them.

How to invest in distressed real estate

Distressed real estate is an interesting sector of the market. There is a lot of knowledge and stigma surrounding this area, which can make it difficult to invest in.

However, due to its complexity, several different expert panels, and increased availability as a result of legislation and regulation, now has more than just a good chance at making you rich.

The hidden value in distressed real estate investments can be huge! A recent example is the rapidly rising price of Toronto’s Downtown Toronto StarClosureRealty1 (TTSC) property. This property has been listed for over $500,000 but has recently seen buyers pull out at an expensive price.

Understanding the process

Uncovering the Hidden Value in Distressed Real Estate Investments

Once you have identified a distressed property that might have hidden value, the next step is determining whether or not it is an ideal candidate for a redevelopment.

There are many guidelines for redeveloping properties. Some cities will allow a maximum of two to four units on one property, depending on how the area is used. Other cities will allow up to six units on one property, as long as they are mixed-use.

Even with these factors in mind, there are some basic rules that must be followed in creating the redevelopment of your dreams. If one of those dreams does not include being buried in debt and painful negotiations, then a new development is definitely needed!

In order to determine if a specific property is candidates for redevelopment, you first need to know what problems seem to be causing problems for the adjacent properties.

Who can invest in distressed real estate?

Uncovering the Hidden Value in Distressed Real Estate Investments

Distressed real estate is an interesting property type. It typically consists of a large amount of old, unused buildings or structures that are deteriorating at an alarming rate.

Due to limited funding, there is very little money available to fix these up and re-invest in them. This can be frustrating for investors, as they wish they had more time to invest in these properties than just straight cash.

However, there are ways to invest in these properties, including distressed real estate investing. We will discuss this more later on in this article!

Distressed real estate investing is the practice of buying properties at such a low market price that people cannot avoid them due to their extensive structural problems. You can do this by running a distressed investment strategy, which is what we will discuss here.

What are the returns like?

Uncovering the Hidden Value in Distressed Real Estate Investments

While real estate is one of the top investment categories for 2018, it is still in the midst of a transition period. Eventually, market conditions improve making more investments profitable.

Currently, real estate is one of the more affordable investment venues to gain a solid return on your money. There are many opportunities to invest, from securities to assets such as wine labels or luxury goods.

Some investments have a higher initial cost, but over time they benefit you financially. These are called growth investments and can be anything from new houses to new places to live.

When searching for distressed real estate investments, there are several key areas to consider. These include location, demographics, value and returns.

Are there any risks involved?

Uncovering the Hidden Value in Distressed Real Estate Investments

When it comes to distressed real estate, there are some risks involved. While many of them are seasonal, there is still a risk involved.

For example, the market may decline in the future making it more profitable to purchase properties at their value. This is more likely during a recession or when other investments are more profitable.

Another risk is the credit score of the owner. If the person has difficulty obtaining or maintaining credit, then it may be difficult to obtain a loan on troubled property. If the person does not have a good credit score, then it may be hard to obtain a loan to purchase property.

When buying distressed real estate, there are some steps that must be taken. First, the buyer needs to determine whether or not they can obtain adequate financing for the property.

What is the timing for getting into a distressed property investment?

Uncovering the Hidden Value in Distressed Real Estate Investments

When to invest in a property is highly dependent on the property and the investor. There are legal and ethical guidelines that can be used to help determine when to buy into a property.

Some properties are better suited to resell at a higher price point than purchase as an investment. For example, a good value real estate investment with little cash outlay could be considered desirable or worthwhile within the current market conditions.

Also, some properties don’t justify very long-term ownership before you buy something else into the property because it is so distressed. Even though it may look like nothing is happening, eventually things may start generating some income!

We use multiple criterias when determining when to buy into a distressed real estate investment.

What are the options for investing in a distressed property investment?

Uncovering the Hidden Value in Distressed Real Estate Investments

As mentioned earlier, a property’s value is considered to be distressed when it has a high amount of debt and/or operational problems.

However, this does not mean that these properties are in poor condition. In fact, many times these properties are over-heated with high occupancy rates and/or financial gains.

This is what makes the investment so appealing, since you can gain rapid gains at a lower cost. Although there are different options for how to invest in a distressed property, here are some of the main ones used.


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