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The Art Of Finding And Renovating Abandoned Apartment Buildings

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Finding an Abandoned Apartment Building

There are many ways to find an apartment building. Some are by walking the property and checking under over-hangings, in vacant storefronts, and in vacant complexes. Other ways to find an abandoned building are by vehicle, looking for signs of abandonment or damage to the exterior, or by puchase.

Many times when buildings need renovation, ownership passes but no renovations occur. This is when responsibility lies- getting someone out there to renovate the building so it can be enjoyed again.

This article will talk about some ways to find and renovate an abandoned apartment building.

Find the perfect abandoned apartment building

Find an abandoned apartment building that you like the look of and look for ways to add value to itheim

If you can find a vacant urban space, you can create value by hosting public events or events that celebrate the property itself. Through strategic investments, you could gain additional residents and supporters, all while keeping your budget low.

The best way to find abandoned apartment buildings is through local organizations such as housing authorities, community organizations, police departments, and city government agencies. Many will take an interest in your property and will likely charge a fee to fix it up.

Apartment hunting can be frustratingly slow at times. First we have to evaluate the building for signs of life, then we have to determine if anyone lives there before we can assess whether or not they need housing.

Check the property records

The Art of Finding and Renovating Abandoned Apartment Buildings

Even if the building is empty, you can still check its property records to see if someone has recently vacated the premises.

If the building contains an extremely high amount of value, it may be worth looking in its property records to see if someone has recently changed the ownership. If so, you can attempt to renovate and occupy it yourself.

As a rule of thumb, try to invest a small amount of money and obtain some services in order to reclaim property. It will boost your confidence when you find it vacant and restored.

Finding an abandoned apartment building is not always difficult, cost-effective, or even fun.

Visit the property and check for damage

The Art of Finding and Renovating Abandoned Apartment Buildings

Once you’re in the building, you’ll need to make sure the elevators are working and that the walls are sturdy enough to hold your weight.

If the elevators aren’t working, you can look for food or supplies to help renovate the space. If the walls aren’t thick enough, you can look for windows or doors to help furnish the home.

And lastly, check out whether or not the home is abandoned! If it is, there may be a reason for this- most places that are run-down have been visited by people before and found fine.

If it is an old home with drywall still on some parts of it, check out whether or not someone had a restoration project done on it before. If not, consider investing in a self-renovating home program.

Take photos of the inside and outside

The Art of Finding and Renovating Abandoned Apartment Buildings

Having a photo of the inside of an abandoned apartment building you can show the residents is a great way to find them. Take a few photos of the inside, too, to find potential repairs or upgrades.

Many times, after an apartment building closes its doors and windows, it becomes uninhabitable. It is often a mess, and there is no telling if it will be buy out or not. If you can find an abandoned apartment building that still has its keys and occupants inside, you could make a fortune off of it.

If you can find an empty or closed-up apartment building that has been around for awhile, you can start looking for signs if it’s been occupied or not. Look for anything that might have been used recently or have remained untouched for years.

Find out who owns it and get contact information

The Art of Finding and Renovating Abandoned Apartment Buildings

Once you have that information, go to the next step- getting the building inspected. This is very important! Check that it is safe to enter and that there are no hazardous materials or unsafe conditions.

If the building looks safe, then you are able to take action. For example, if there is no serious damage done to the exterior, you can begin renovations. You can paint, install new appliances and furniture, and more.

However, if there is serious damage done, then only a licensed constructor can legally build a new home. But you can still find and renovate an abandoned home.

Get a real estate agent to help you

The Art of Finding and Renovating Abandoned Apartment Buildings

Find and invest in quality building sites is the key to finding and renovating abandoned apartment buildings. Sites such can help you find potential tenants, who are responsible enough to maintain their units.

Vulnerable populations, such as homeless people, can be hard to convince to take charge of a unit. However, with the help of a good agent, you will be able to.

If your building is in decent enough condition to live in, then you have enough money coming in to cover the cost of renovation. Even with limited funds, you can find great projects that work for both of you.

It takes some time to get the word out about your project, but if you stick around and watch your units get renovated over the course of a year, you will see results.

Renovate slowly over time

The Art of Finding and Renovating Abandoned Apartment Buildings

If you are able to find an abandoned apartment building that needs renovation, you should consider how quickly you want to work with your project.

Most remodeling jobs are around a month or two before new occupants arrive to begin working on the place. New paint, ceiling tiles, and flooring must be installed before new occupants move in.

This can make a huge difference in completing your remodel on time and enjoying your time in the process. If you have a very tight deadline, then take the extra effort and hire someone immediately!

If you have more time while renovating, here are some tips for finding the perfect abandoned apartment building for your project.

Prepare for renters with a lease

The Art of Finding and Renovating Abandoned Apartment Buildings

If you are a renter at an abandoned apartment building, you must consider the possibility of staying in the building for long-term. Many times, property owners will re-finance and increase their taxes on these properties to bring in more money.

If you are a landlord, consider giving tenants a choice of where to live. You can create an affordable housing program that gives tenants a set amount of time to move in and an initial set of protections.

Look into possible projects that could replace the property as well as possible resources to help manage the transition from tenant to landlord. If you are a tenant, be aware of your rights and responsibilities when it comes to owning and operating your rental property.


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