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Top 5 Abandoned Hotels Ready For A Luxury Makeover

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Finding a great abandoned hotel project is more or less a game of chance. As the term goes, it’s a ‘call’, as they say, and one must take into account both size and luck in choosing a project.

By project, we mean the complete renovation of an existing hotel or upscale conversion of an existing hotel. These include: new construction, modern renovation/modernization, retro renovation, and transformation into a boutique hotel.

As you can imagine, there are very strict guidelines for both size and style when converting an abandoned hotel. The best examples of these are: small enough to feel intimate, large enough to feel large, and with enough room for upgrades.

There are many ways to look at abandoned hotels.

The Chelsea Hotel the

Top 5 Abandoned Hotels Ready for a Luxury Makeover

The Chelsea is an iconic New York City hotel and has been around for a long time. Originally built in the 1920s, this luxury hotel has been updated many times over the years.

Now, it is a luxury apartment building, a few hundred apartments, and a luxury hotel all in one. The Chelsea is known for its legendary bar, cocktails being their main business.

The building also has several restaurants and night clubs that you can visit. If you’re looking to get out of town or just need some extra sleep, this hotel has you covered.

If you want to do some interior design or are just curious about what life is like inside the building? Then these abandoned hotels are for you! Here are some top 10 abandoned hotels ready for a makeover.

The Helmsley Palace the

Top 5 Abandoned Hotels Ready for a Luxury Makeover

With over a century of history, many historical sites are located in Outback Australia. Some of these locations include monuments to former mayors, city halls, and meeting places for local communities.

If you’re ever passing through Australia, you should definitely look into this beautiful country! The Helmsley Palace theansen is one abandoned hotel that would make a gorgeous location.

This palace was built in 1899 and served as the government office and residence for the British colonial government. It later served as a wedding chapel before being condemned as an eyesore in the 1980s.

In 1985, it was bought by a group of investors who planned to turn it into a luxury hotel. However, nothing ever happened because no one wanted to spend money on it.

The Plaza Hotel the

Top 5 Abandoned Hotels Ready for a Luxury Makeover

The Plaza Hotel has been in the same family since it was built in the late 1960s. Since then, it has gone through several owners and renovations, finally ending up as The Plaza Hotel in 1999.

This hotel is known for its signature spire-shaped entryway, which leads you into a grand lobby with beautiful wood floors and beautiful views. The interior design has changed a few times, but the exterior remains the same—a classic looking tower with a sloped roof.

The service is great here, with many happy guests telling us that they would highly recommend this hotel to others. They say that the staff is kind and helpful, and that they enjoyed their stay.

When we asked why?; they said that the staff was friendly and helpful, and that they enjoyed their stay.

The United Nations Headquarters the

Top 5 Abandoned Hotels Ready for a Luxury Makeover

While not a very popular destination, the UN Headquarters is worth visiting. Located in Washington, D.C., this historic building has been transformed into a luxury hotel and conference center.

Now, it is home to the Organization of Nations High Commissioners, a group of world leaders who help coordinate international efforts. Their headquarters are located in this building, which stands six stories tall.

The interior has been beautifully done, with many colorful and inspiring decorations. A few highlights include a floor-to-ceiling mural and an elaborate fountain that serves as the centerpiece.

This abandoned hotel needs work, so there are several designers out there who are willing to work for free on her restoration.


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