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The Ultimate Checklist For Renovating Distressed Apartment Buildings

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Distress housing is a large part of the modern poor experience. From bank loans to management, there is a role for everyone to help distressed people enter their lives and give them a place to stay until they can afford another apartment.

Many times, financial difficulties make a person choose an underused and distressed building. Since there are rarely restrictions on who occupies the apartments, this building can offer many different people: drug addicts, persons with limited skills, and even opportunists such as developers.

By providing low-cost or free re-habilitation services, developers can make more money which leads them to renovate more buildings. This increases demand which in turn increases profits which increases the incentive for developers to build distress housing.

This article will discuss some of the basic checks and balances that will be needed before any project signs off on these individuals, so that any developer has an opportunity to work with these individuals and help them regain their footing.

Replace any broken windows

The Ultimate Checklist for Renovating Distressed Apartment Buildings

If the windows are broken, you can easily replace them. Most are double-pane vinyl with a wooden frame around it, which is a nice upgrade from the standard aluminum frame.

Try to find places in the window frames where they could be reattached. If not, this can be easy replacement.

Replace any torn or missing curtainsondecklesondecklescottasdecklescottashettethelettheirself. If some of them have peeled off, they should be replaced too.

If some of them have rust or rot on them, try vinegar and soft soap to get them clean and remove any dried stains. If those conditions were important factors in choosing which buildings need new windows, trying putting some quality vinyl on these areas could help reduce water logging and keep heat in the rooms that need it.

Paint the walls

The Ultimate Checklist for Renovating Distressed Apartment Buildings

At the beginning of any renovation, it is important to paint the walls. This creates a sense of stability and permanence during the renovation. Most paints have a primer that needs to be applied before you can use them on your wall.

Parallel-backing tapes can be used as flooring or wallpapers. They can make a huge difference in looking at your home and wanting to stay. These tapes are expensive, but worth it.

After these are painted, the next step is to pick your flowers and finish up the look. Using some spray cans, spritz some flowers onto each corner of each wall. When closed, they look sealed!

These steps can be done before or after the major painting job, depending on how early you call in the reno jobs.

Clean any debris from the sidewalk

Once the building is secured, the next step is to clean the sidewalk. Most canvas backpacks will work as a surface to sweep with a plugin attachment, or you can also use a standard dustpan and brush.

Don’t forget to add new symbols and paint over old ones! This is very important as some painting products have limited life spans of paint on the buildings.

Once this is completed, it is time to add some windows and doors! At this point, you are ready to start decorating your building- just make sure you send anyone inside before dark because there are lights required for safety.

Repair or replace doorknobs and locks

The Ultimate Checklist for Renovating Distressed Apartment Buildings

Doorknobs are a common fix-it item. When this kind of tool is missing or damaged, it can be replaced with a new one.

Like most things, getting the right kind of doorknob can be tricky. There are many brands and types, so choosing the right door for the right person is part of the fun!

Locks can be difficult to find and install. Some states require a lock by default, but you can buy a key if needed.

When looking for locks, keep in mind which types of keys you need and how you will use them. For example, some people may want master keys to all doors but single-use keys only.

Clean the lobby and common areas

The Ultimate Checklist for Renovating Distressed Apartment Buildings

After a storm or disaster, it is important to clean the lobby and common areas where residents congregate and socialize. This includes removing debris that is left behind and washing any surfaces with soap and water to ensure them are free of stains.

Washing all the exterior surfaces such as windows, doors, roofs, and floors also helps prevent moisture seeping inside during heavy rainfall. If water does find its way into a residence’s unit, it can be dealt with quickly by using a heavy duty waterproofing material.

After doing these chores, let your unit stay washed for an additional day to ensure it drys out completely. Then, finish off the renovation by painting the walls and ceiling white to match the rest of the building.

Update all unit doors with new hardware

The Ultimate Checklist for Renovating Distressed Apartment Buildings

Update all unit doors with new Hardware and linings to provide easy access. This includes new handles, door jambs, and flooring.

Updating all of the locks is also important. This includes brand-new keys as well as materials to securely connect them together.

Also importance is updating light fixtures and racking, as they are the only sources of lighting in the apartment. Adding ceiling fans or a cooling system should be considered too, if necessary.

Lastly, investing in an air conditioning system will help save money in the long run. If possible, these systems should be installed during summer seasonal breaks in temperature!

Finally, checking for damage and updating any needed safety measures are important parts of a renovations checklist.

Invest in improving the interior of your unit

The Ultimate Checklist for Renovating Distressed Apartment Buildings

Moving in is one of the most exciting moments in your life. You get to share your space with other people!

The new apartment is always bigger and better than the old one was. Your new apartment is usually nice enough to live in, and with a little work, you can make it even nicer!

But, before you go into your new home feeling satisfied with your work, it is important to make sure that everything inside is repaired or replaced.

Many things can damage your new home after they are installed. You should be careful when renovating existing homes because some things can cause damages that are not easy to identify.

Paint or refinish floors

The Ultimate Checklist for Renovating Distressed Apartment Buildings

After identifying which major structural elements of the apartment building need replacement, choose a paint or refinishing product based on these elements.

Stepping back and looking at the entire building as a whole is the best way to find this product. Some places to test out is to put some cans of paint in your old bathroom and see if it works. Or try putting some linseed oil in some apartments to see how that goes.

Paint can be expensive, especially if you are not professional at painting. A good rule of thumb is one can of paint per apartment per week. If you are not sure how to do this in can, then buy one of each color and do it yourself!

Another tip is to use local suppliers.


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