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The Importance Of Tenant Experience In Driving Success For Commercial Properties

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Experience is a valuable asset in driving success for properties that are not very experienced in. When a property does not have experience in managing residents, troubleshooting issues, and overall running a business, it can be a struggle.

This can be problematic because the property loses credibility in the eyes of its neighbors and other businesses. It may also lose interest from investors because of the difficulty in managing residents and the complexity of running a business.

However, when both parties are successful and people see this as a reliable property, it can gain more attention from investors. Residing is also an important part of having tenant experience for commercial properties. Residents need to know what people are coming to and going to and must do to successfully run a business at their place of work or on their own without help.

Improve the look and feel of your property

The Importance of Tenant Experience in Driving Success for Commercial Properties

Choosing a style and implementing it into your property is a way to enhance the look and feel of your property. Choose carefully, though-most trends come and go, being replaced by newf

Many features are popularized by websites and social media platforms, such as color schemes, quality furnishings, and designer finishes. These trends continue even after they have been replaced by more advanced features.

If a tenant needs a specific item that is not available or does not want to pay for it, the tenant will need it or will accept it lessenedly if it is in good condition and fit their needs.

A quality furnishing may be outdated but not if the tenant likes it! Managing expectations is key when this type of feature attracts a lot of people, so consider whether or not they would be paying for it based on past efforts.

Create a marketing plan for attracting tenants

The Importance of Tenant Experience in Driving Success for Commercial Properties

Once a property has a good fit for its needs, it is time to market and advertise the property. This includes creating or updating websites, posting at upcoming events or openings, and hosting open houses to talk about the property and its features.

It is also important to update and maintain your website to keep visitors up to date on new properties and events they might need information about to apply, learn about the property, or come back.

If you are running an event or opening, wear comfortable shoes and a warm coat! It will help you feel more comfortable and protected for your audience of people looking for a place to stay. If you are open carrying a gun, do not wear anything that would obstruct their sightline.

Encourage customer feedback

The Importance of Tenant Experience in Driving Success for Commercial Properties

Encourage your customer to send you feedback about your store. Send them emails, texts, and/or phone calls when you make an item or service that they feel sells the property.

If you have a hard-to-describe product, try texting or emails to put your best effort into making them clear. If you have a complicated product that everyone can understand, use video or email to emphasize how helpful this may be to others.

By encouraging feedback, you may drive interest in your property and encourage new customers to shop it out.

Make it easy to give feedback

The Importance of Tenant Experience in Driving Success for Commercial Properties

Your tenant experience should be easy to find and give feedback on. This includes making it easy for them to leave a good review or telling a friend about your property.

If your property doesn’t have any reviews, then other potential tenants will look elsewhere due to this lack of assistance. If someone has a bad experience, it can affect how they view other properties and apartments.

Reviewing the apps you use is an easy way to give feedback. You can just download one and go at the same time! You can also ask your friends and family for help as there are websites that offer app review platforms.

Keep your buildings clean

The Importance of Tenant Experience in Driving Success for Commercial Properties

Keeping buildings clean is a must. Every inch of space has a purpose and can be used for storage, storage, or a place to go when the building is used.

Many landlords offer cleaning services as part of their portfolio. If not, then the landlord must take care of this. It shows they take their property quality seriously and that they care about it enough to have a cleaning team come in on an ongoing basis.

A great way to handle clutter is by using containerized organizing systems. These are great for small spaces like bedrooms or half-rooms where there is not enough space for a full-on organizing system but you still want good results!

Don’t make the mistake of collecting everything and putting it away; instead, put items in labeled containers with information about them. This way, you will get a quick look at what’s inside and how you might need to organize it in order to function properly.

Provide fresh flowers

The Importance of Tenant Experience in Driving Success for Commercial Properties

A gesture that you make once a month is an arrangement of flowers. This gives your tenant another opportunity to smile and enjoy their experience in your building.

Buying a building involves a lot of paperwork and maintaining that paperwork can be difficult. Therefore, by providing an arrangement of flowers every month, your tenant can feel appreciated and know the building is taking care of business efficiently.

As this is not a monthly cost of renting a space, it can be done free-of-charge by the landlord. By having this habit established, your property will show evidence of love from the tenants.

Running some kind of sortie event or competition may also be something done annually to keep up the effort.

Utilize lighting effects

The Importance of Tenant Experience in Driving Success for Commercial Properties

Using lighting effects is a great way to add dimension to your property. There are many companies that offer this service, and it is a cost-effective way to update your space!

If you do not have any lighting effects in your property, you can easily add some by purchasing light fixtures and placing them in certain locations. An important part of purchasing such effects is checking how well they integrate with your other decoration styles and spaces.

I suggest looking into buying ones that match existing furniture or decorations, as well as those that are neutral or dark in colour. Check out the websites for help in choosing which ones are the best at providing these tips!

Listening to what people tell you about rental properties is an important part of tenant experience DNA. As you get know your tenants better, add some more elements to their homely feel- I would bet that something will drive them away.

Use decor that inspires

The Importance of Tenant Experience in Driving Success for Commercial Properties

Your property is an investment, and you want to make sure that you are giving back to your community in some way by supporting businesses in your neighborhood.

So, when choosing a landlord, consider the properties history as well as any recent ones. If there have been serious problems with the property such as a large unpaid bill or damage to a neighbor’s property, then maybe someone else would appreciate your trust more than the previous owners.

And lastly, consider whether or not you would want your friends and family to live at this property. If not, then this may be a good fit for you! By having good quality roommates, owning houses can be fun for people looking on from the outside.

Having good tenant experience is important in driving success for any property.


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