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The Impact Of Economic Cycles On Hotel And Apartment Building Financing Strategies

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Recent economic cycles have been marked by increased demand for housing and increased demand for apartment and hotel rooms.

During these times, more apartment and hotel rooms have been released into the market, making it more difficult to obtain financing for a new apartment or hotel room.

As a result, investors have been hesitant to finance new apartment and hotel rooms. This phenomenon has had a significant impact on the rental industry as it decreases the amount of potential tenants and decreases property values resulting in lower rents.

This article will talk about ways that investors can still gain exposure to the market despite the higher financing risks associated with new apartments and hotels. We will discuss additional funding sources available such as partner investments and private equity roles.

Long-term debt is most commonly used to finance hotel and apartment projects

The Impact of Economic Cycles on Hotel and Apartment Building Financing Strategies

When a project requires long-term debt to complete, it can be useful. Many banks will not offer long-term debt without a strong credit history.

Short-term debt may be suitable for a project with a more limited scope or where completion is quick. For example, a bank may allow loans for projects with an initial investment of only $500,000–$1 million dollars!

Many developers use the principle of vacancy protection to help finance their projects. vacancy protection protects investors from property taxes and other charges should they decide to sell their unit or shift ownership.

This principle helps developers achieve adequate financing as they do not need complete payment assurance when units are bought and vacant during construction and occupancy.

Combining debt with an equity stake in the property

The Impact of Economic Cycles on Hotel and Apartment Building Financing Strategies

A strategy that has been very popular is combining debt with an equity stake in the property. This strategy allows you to maximize your earnings while still maintaining control of the property.

This is a great way to build wealth because you are still taking advantage of good times and breaking up investments. By having some equity in the property, you are also able to leverage additional income sources such as a investment portfolio or singles.

You do not need to be an expert on how to run a business though so there are ways to blend the two into a pre-planning strategy. In short, this includes having a list of everything needed for the operation and doing research before you go out and builder it.

Using real estate investment trusts (REITs) to finance a project

The Impact of Economic Cycles on Hotel and Apartment Building Financing Strategies

As the popular term suggests, REITs are companies that be owned by an audience. This means that you, the investor, owns a stake in the company you funds it with.

This is a very attractive financing strategy for projects that need capital but cannot access traditional financing. Because REITs are privately-owned entities, they can offer more lenient credit than conventional lenders.

However, this comes at a cost. Because your money is being used to finance a project, you must trust that the company will be able to produce the necessary results to justify your investment.

If things go bad, you can ask the company to return your money if the market conditions change.

Importance of the location of the property

The Impact of Economic Cycles on Hotel and Apartment Building Financing Strategies

Having a good location is key in finding the right financing strategy for your property. It can be tough when conditions change and prices drop, but the importance of finding the right financing strategy for your property should not be forgotten.

When rates rise, it can be difficult to obtain credit when looking for a mortgage. Having a high credit score can help you find a more comfortable loan rate than someone with lower credit may not.

If you have properties that feature great amenities such as a gym or an event venue, then they may be valuable assets when applying for a mortgage. Network marketing companies (networkers) often use these features to create amenity-rich properties that generate enough income to purchase themselves out of debt.

Having the right location of the property will depend on what kind of property you have, but it is important to find new ways to access funding if market conditions change.

Impact of interest rates on financing strategies

At present, commercial and investor loans are the most commonly used financing strategies. As the economy continues to grow, more small and large businesses will enter the loan market to obtain funding.

As new businesses obtain loans, they tend to be more cautious in obtaining financing. Since investors often require a higher loan amount than conventional lenders, this can be a big negative for some financers.

It is common for financers to offer very low interest loans to newly built or expanded hotels and apartments. The exception might be when new additions or renovations exceed financial needs of the current residents.

This is done with the understanding that any excess funds will need to be paid back at a later date. Many times these low interest loans are Sold piecemeal as tolerance for debt increases over time.

Understanding your investor group is crucial

The Impact of Economic Cycles on Hotel and Apartment Building Financing Strategies

Knowing who your current and future investors are will help you design[] your[] investor[] group[] accordingly []

In case of a financial crisis, investors would be the first to get repaid their investment. Thus, having them as your first choice is wise.

As we mentioned earlier, institutions such as banks and credit unions are typically interested in large deposits and large loans. Since we asked our guests to bring small loans into account, this might not be the best mix.

However, if guests had to rely on themselves for loans, then by bringing these two groups together you would create a strong enough reserve to cover any emergency.²

As we discussed earlier, units with views that are opposite of the views of the rest of the unit should be replaced by merger or acquisition (M&A). This will help move the company in a different direction[] and strengthen its position][ ].
Subsidiary[s] also make sense when it comes to [merger].

Preparing a financial model is important

The Impact of Economic Cycles on Hotel and Apartment Building Financing Strategies

Even if you are not preparing a model right now, the idea of having a cash reserve and paying off debt while investing in property is beneficial groundwork.

Calculating return on investment is essential

The Impact of Economic Cycles on Hotel and Apartment Building Financing Strategies

Even for projects that appear to be very affordable, it is important to calculate the return on investment in collaboration with your architect.

In order for a project to be cost effective, it must be financed with cheap capital and/or short-term financing. As long as the long-term financing is required, more expensive debt may be used to cover some of the cost.

As housing prices rise, more expensive debt may become necessary to cover the property. While this might seem like a good thing in theory, someone who is not well informed might get suckered into paying too much for housing.



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