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Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach To Funding Unique Properties

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Real estate is a tough sector to get funding in. Most banks and credit unions are hesitant to offer new loan borrowers funds due to high risk. This is another way of discouraging development as the middle and upper class families that need housing cannot easily obtain loans.

However, with more awareness and reform, more opportunities for development arise. More than ever, individuals and companies need capital to develop properties or enter the real estate market.

Real estate crowdfunding has become a go-to solution for developers looking to get the word out about their property. By using social media, dedicated websites, and even just regular old advertisements, developers can raise enough money to finish the project.

This article will talk about real estate crowdfunding: how it works, what it does, and why it is important for developers.

Explain how real estate crowdfunding works

Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach to Funding Unique Properties

When a property is ready to make the market, it will typically go through a period of staged marketing and preparation. This includes meetings with inspectors, legal experts, and other authorities, making sure the property is legal.

Once this approval has been received, the property can be offered for sale, usually through a website or mobile app. During this time, owners must keep up appearances and answer questions from potential buyers.

Once they are ready to sell, they do a little bit of crowdfunding to get some extra money into their pocket. Site users purchase their shares from the owners using bitcoin or credit cards at a set price.

Who can be a investor?

Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach to Funding Unique Properties

Being able to invest in real estate crowdfunded properties has two main requirements: You must be able to pay for the property and you must be able to deliver on your promises.

There are many ways to deliver a property as a investor, and this is what makes this mode of investment unique. As a investor, you will have to find a way to value the property you are investing, especially since there will be changes in ownership.

By taking part in real estate crowdfunding, you can gain some quick cash and open your own real estate investment platform. You can then gauge how many people want and need to use your property when they invest.

Who can become a investor? Anyone with money or access to resources can become an investor into real estate! According to Real, “the average person with no prior experience buys land for $500-$1000 cash”.

Can I get a tax deduction?

Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach to Funding Unique Properties

When a property is funded via real estate crowdfunding, it is considered a new property. As such, the property must be purchased new in order to receive the deduction.

The deduction can be taken at any time for a tax liability, even if the property changes hands in the future. However, there is a limit to how much the taxpayer can claim on each investment as they are limited to $500,000 per property.

Most people limit themselves to one home per campaign so that they can take the full $500,000 in deductions.

What are the risks?

Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach to Funding Unique Properties

As previously mentioned, real estate crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money. There are many services and appes that allow you to request a loan or invest in a property via the internet or phone app.

The majority of these apps have their own set of risks and questions you must ask before applying. Most Notably, can you actually afford the property? Can you find a downpayment/repayment? Can you find an insurance company that will cover the property?

If any of these questions are answered in the application process, then there are still risks involved. If not, then they know there is a risk that something might go wrong with the property and they can help reduce this risk by having more money available to cover it.

These risks include potential ownership changes, insurance claims, taxes, etc.

Who are the companies?

Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach to Funding Unique Properties

Real estate crowdfunding has exploded in popularity in the past year. Recent developments have added home equity loan programs and secondary market purchases for properties.

Since its inception, real estate has been a means to an end. Since it is so highly valued, investing in real estate is a great way to diversify your portfolio.

Since it is such a unique property type, there are few real estate professionals that do public outreach and promotion. As a result, there are uninformed investors who rely on only the seller and buyer for information.

Who are these companies? How do they work? Where can I find them? What if I cannot afford to donate or invest my money? These are some of the questions that will be discussed here.

Need capital for your project?

Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach to Funding Unique Properties

Crowdfunding has become a very normal way to raise capital for projects. There are hundreds of crowdfunding sites that offer projects the ability to solicit funds from a large audience of funding partners.

It is very easy to use, and most sites have a set of guidelines for completing a campaign. Once the campaign is completed, the partner site reviews the project and makes an informed decision on whether or not to approve the campaign.

If approved, the partner site goes into business arrangement mode, which is where you as a project owner receive your funding but also where they receive you as an investor/backer as they invest in the project together.

Get the best deal for you!

Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach to Funding Unique Properties

Real estate is a highly attractive field to enter because of the opportunity for great wealth. As the demand for real estate continues to rise, financing options continue to expand.

Today, investors can find hard money lenders who offer them a chance to invest their own personal savings in a real estate project. These companies typically charge between 6 and 12 months of the total purchase price as initial cash outlay, plus ongoing fees and taxes.

How does real estate crowdfunding work?

Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach to Funding Unique Properties

When a project is complete, it goes out to investors to purchase their stake in the property. You can buy and/or sell your stake in the property using a website such as or

The buyer and seller meet in person to go over details, sign a contract, and exchange notes prior to finalizing the document. Then the buyer submits an offer, which the seller reviews and decides if they want to sell or not. If they want to sell, then the payment process goes smoothly as usual via online banking or loan documents.

If they decide not to sale, then the new owner takes possession of their property via a short sales process or through summer financing if there was sufficient rains during winter time.


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