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Navigating The World Of Financing Options For Hotel Developments

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Historically, hotel development has been limited to large, expensive developments that require a downtown location. These developments usually require a long-term commitment from the developer in order to maintain and develop the property.

As a result, these properties are in high demand and take care of their commitments properly. This is important, because if the property does not upkeep its promise, then there are strict regulations that require developers to replace units or features that do not work.

With the increased awareness of wellness and health promotion in recent years, health-minded individuals have been looking into ways to improve their health. Health marketing has become a growing field with modern science behind it, making it an area with continued growth.

This has led to increasingly high demand for hotel units with regards to wellness or health promotion.

Identifying potential investors

Navigating the World of Financing Options for Hotel Developments

Once a developer has identified a property they want to develop, they will need to find a way to finance the project. Kickstarter and other funding sites are used to fund projects.

To use Kickstarter, send an email to [email protected] with the word development in the subject line. You can also use Facebook or Twitter accounts as well to identify potential financiers.

Once they have received financial support from their community, the developer will have to work with the financier to make it happen. Using Facebook and/or Twitter, the developer can contact potential financiers and gauge their level of involvement in order to find common goals and standards for success.

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Understanding the investor process

Navigating the World of Financing Options for Hotel Developments

Once a developer has a signed deal with an investor, they must then go through the investor process. This can be difficult for developers who are just getting started.

The investor process can be expensive and complicated. There are many different types of investors which require different levels of involvement in the project throughout the project development process. Some investors are more interested in seeing a completed project than others.

In order to qualify as an investor, you must first find an interest in the project and then you can proceed to market your project. There are several websites and applications which assist in this process, called finders and holders.

Once you meet the criteria to become an investor, there are several meetings which take place to discuss involvement.

Assessing the location

When choosing a location for your hotel, the first step is to assess the location itself. Does the location have good public transportation, and is it close to other destinations?

For instance, does the area have a tourist vibe? If so, it may be better to find a place with good transportation to nearby destinations.

Does the location have nature surroundings? If so, there may be more opportunities for growth in nature. Or does the location have strong community connections? This may determine whether your hotel has to help support those communities as it grows.

As we mentioned earlier, mobility is key in treating medical needs. As healthcare costs grow, more and more people are looking for ways to finance care. Fortunately, there are many options for financing health care.

Determining the hotel concept

Navigating the World of Financing Options for Hotel Developments

When looking at potential new hotels, there are some questions that should be asked. These questions determine what kind of hotel concept they have and whether or not they are ready to develop a new hotel in town.

Does the business have experience developing hotels? If not, how do they know if they are successful in creating a hotel presence in the community?

Do they have enough verified guests to verify their stay? This can help determine if the hotel is healthy for Bristol because it can get expensive paying guest traffic.

Does the developer have insurance to cover any damage caused by a natural disaster? This is important because if the hotel has a uninsured guest tragedy, then there is insurance to cover them.

Preliminary design and planning

Navigating the World of Financing Options for Hotel Developments

Once a property is under development, it is time to start designing and planning what the property will look like. This can be a little nerve-wracking, as it is currently creating expectations about what the property will look like before it’s completion.

Some ideas that people turn to when planning a hotel are: location, type, size, price, amenities, and design style. Once these are addressed and added to the project, other additions can include: interior design styles, types of rooms or spaces they offer,amenities such as restaurants and shopping nearby,and whether or not they have any children’s rooms or child-friendly features.

A good way to begin this process is by asking questions such as: how many people want to go to this hotel; how much walking/biking/running they want for vacation; what activities do they enjoy and what kind of guests get along? These answers will help determine if this hotel needs some upgrades or not.

Completing financial documents

Navigating the World of Financing Options for Hotel Developments

Once a developer has all of the necessary financing available to them, the next step is to create and distribute documents that detail the development process. This can include creating a development plan, creating a blueprint for the site, and distributing materials describing fees and costs.

In order for these documents to be used in developing the project, they must be received and accepted by authorities before any construction can begin. Having this accepted financial documents will help investors trust in the project when it comes time to invest.

Another step in developing this process is involving community members in getting feedback on what they need and want from a hotel. Once enough people have input, officials can develop their proposals for the community to accept or not.

Last but not least, developers must get approval from local authorities and/or regulators before starting construction.

Screening applicants

Navigating the World of Financing Options for Hotel Developments

Once you have your proposed development set, it is time to screen applicants. This can be difficult when there are a lot of applicants because there is no clear way to know who will fit on the lot.

How do you tell if someone will be loyal to your company? How do you know if they are experienced in building projects? These questions will have you wondering if your project is suitable for the applicants.

It is important to look into their past projects to see if they had any troubles. If the person has some hard times, it might be harder for them to take on a new project or maintain quality work. Even after screening, it is possible someone may get excluded from joining the project because of quality work habits.

Having quality build employees is like having an expensive pain reliever that keeps you relaxed and happy all through out the job.

Submitting applications

Navigating the World of Financing Options for Hotel Developments

Once your project is accepted, the next step is to submit your plans to the City. This can be a difficult, tedious process that takes some time to understand all of the steps in which it must be done.

Approval comes with some conditions and restrictions, so make sure you check them out before proceeding. Most importantly, make sure your plan meets the minimum requirements for approval: site plan review, elevation review, utilities review and consideration, legal structure review, community support and participation requirements and conditions, financial assessment obligations and protections, land acquisition & planning requirements & conditions, and construction permit.

Supporting documentation must be provided in an original format or as an attachment to your application. It must also be submitted by a partner company or individual in order for City officials to evaluate supportiveness of your application.


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