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Investment Opportunities In Global Life Sciences Real Estate: The Next Frontier

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The life sciences have been a driving force in increasing our global population, and consequently demand for real estate. This has resulted in increased demand for luxury real estate as well as for additional space to conduct research and expand your company’s portfolio.

This is a great thing because it increases your value and availability to potential buyers, partners, and investors. As more companies adopt the science-based business model, additional opportunities will arise for buy-side contributors such as brokers and developers.

The next frontier of real estate will be the scientific land ofification.

Opportunities in emerging markets

Investment Opportunities in Global Life Sciences Real Estate: The Next Frontier

As global economies continue to shift towards faster growth, increased use of technology, and new ways to market products and services, more and more companies are looking to emerging markets as growth opportunities.

Many see these markets as new frontier countries that don’t yet have the social infrastructure or regulations in place for business development, investment, and innovation.

As a result, new ventures receive attention and support they would not receive in an established country. Once involved, many individuals and groups are highly dedicated to leaving an impact, which can be costly!

If you were also interested in the life sciences field as they develop and change with technologies then you might consider investing in real estate in an emerging market.

Opportunities in developed markets

Investment Opportunities in Global Life Sciences Real Estate: The Next Frontier

As seen in the rapidly growing tech and medical markets, life sciences companies are choosing high-tech and medical over nonmedical alternatives such as finance or technology.

This is an opportunity for real estate developers to reach a substantial demographic of busy professionals looking to live in the center of everything. This opportunity can be found in both developed and underdeveloped areas, making it an exciting choice for buy-and-hold investors.

For developers, being able to offer financing with low interest rates and/or having good credit is a must. For investors, being able to build up some cash flow is must — especially if you plan on staying in town for a few years!

Development areas often have a nice mixture of land sizes, making it easy to start your own company and grow your business.

Rising interest in life sciences

Investment Opportunities in Global Life Sciences Real Estate: The Next Frontier

Real estate has become one of the fastest growing segments of the economy. Companies are creating new real estate entities to house their labs, warehouses, and operations.

New real estate developments are continually being created to house increasing operations for pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and large retailers.

These new developments have raised questions about neighborhood quality of life, local business viability, and future land uses. Can these new entities be considered a form of cityhood?

Local government officials are looking at newly created entities with interest in order to determine if they can create a city or town status. If so, this could help gain recognition for the entity as a whole.

Combining real estate and capital markets

Investment Opportunities in Global Life Sciences Real Estate: The Next Frontier

A new frontier is emerging in the realm of global life sciences real estate. This region focuses on combining real estate with the capital markets.

This region refers to special areas within society, science, and business that focus on developing strategies to acquire and develop large-scale healthcare facilities and other healthcare-related assets.

Many of these assets are leased or owned by luxury hospitals or nonfor-profit organizations that may not be able to obtain private financing. As a result, these assets can be valuable trading pieces in the healthcare market.

Recent developments in this space include the launch of new blockchain applications, introduction of new trading instruments, and expansion of existing exchanges. More recently, two additional blockchain apps have been launched by different companies to add more tools for investors.

These new frontier assets will continue to grow as more investors discover their potential and value.

Biotechnology sector continues to grow

Investment Opportunities in Global Life Sciences Real Estate: The Next Frontier

Biotechnology is a field that focuses on scientific study and application of natural substances to create new products and processes that use nature to shape your world.

In the realm of life sciences, biotechnology has come to represent the study and application of natural compounds and activity to create new products and processes that use science to shape your world.

This field has gained rapid growth due to its impact on our daily lives: from new medications being tested before they are approved, to companies testing new plant or animal species for medical uses.

Today, biotechnology real estate is worth emphasis due to its growing sector size and valuation. The sector continues to grow at a steady pace, with revenues forecasted to increase by 53% from 2017 through 2019.

This growth is not coming into impact vacant commercial space, but into additional corporate headquarters or research centers.

Opportunities for real estate investors

The global life sciences industry has seen an unprecedented growth trajectory over the past decade, driven by advanced technology, increased research funding, and increased demand for scientific expertise in the marketplace.

This growth has created a tremendous amount of real estate (RE) across the globe. While it may not seem like there is much RE available to purchase and invest in, this is true in many cases.

In some cases, companies require large amounts of space before they realize they need to have a presence in regards to management, logistics, and support. In other cases, space may not be a need until adoption of new technologies or manufacturing processes.

Real estate investors are always looking for opportunities that require little effort on their part.

Emerging markets offer potential opportunities

Investment Opportunities in Global Life Sciences Real Estate: The Next Frontier

Over the past decade, real estate has slowly but surely evolved from an investing arena to a lifestyle one. As more and more capital is being spent on office space and residential real estate, demand continues to increase.

As the prevalence of technology-based companies increases, so does the demand for office space. These companies look forward to having high-quality office spaces that are cost efficient.

Today, there are several new frontier sectors where life sciences companies look for locations. One of these areas is in the development of drug treatments and products that treat diseases or conditions. This area is known as the life sciences doctoral program frontier.

This article will discuss some potential investments in life sciences real estate that offer prestige and cost efficiency.

Developed markets offer opportunities

Investment Opportunities in Global Life Sciences Real Estate: The Next Frontier

As the world’s population increases, more and more land is needed for infrastructure. Some of this new land must be purchased and paid for in advance.

In other words, you have to make your plans before you’re able to play. This is standard across most markets, but there are notable exceptions such as Africa where there is limited development.

Some regions are luckier than others, though. If you are into property investment and/or life sciences, you might want to look into one of these regions because they offer some incredible growth opportunities.


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