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Innovative Real Estate Financing Tools For Hotel And Apartment Building Investors

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A real estate loan is a common tool that investors use to finance their properties. Unlike the typical mortgage loan where you take out a piece of paper and that is it, real estate loans offer collateral and payments.

A property loan allows you to decrease your principal and interest debt by using an advanced financing tool. These tools are created by a third party, and typically include:

A loan is issued by a bank or credit union with an agreed-upon balance in the property;

A property is put on the market to find buyers, and advertisers pay more for ad space because of the higher visibility;

The investor takes out a second mortgage to cover the remaining balance on their first property, which requires them to sell something new to cover the new debt. (This can be repeated as many times as needed to cover total debt.

Mezzanine loans

Innovative Real Estate Financing Tools for Hotel and Apartment Building Investors

A mezzanine loan is a special type of mortgage that shifts some of the risk to another entity such as a property equity investment trust (EIT), a corporate trust, or another debt securities entity.

The owner of the property is actually borrowing the full purchase price of the property, but instead of making a conventional mortgage with lender A, lender B makes a mezzanine loan with A.

By lending money to an individual on an informal basis via mezzanine loans, lender B can get more interest than they would with a conventional loan from A.

Mezzanine loans can be helpful when properties are put on sale quickly, or when someone wants to invest but does not want to take out a conventional loan. It can also help lower middle-men fees when investing in real estate through a holding company.

Senior debt partnerships

Innovative Real Estate Financing Tools for Hotel and Apartment Building Investors

A new type of real estate financing tool called a senior debt partnership has gained popularity in the past year. These debt partnership models cater to older individuals who need a place to live but do not have enough cash flow to afford a typical rent payment.

Unlike standard senior debt payments, which require you to pay off the full balance before any interest is discharged, a debt liability management system model like the one used by a standard partnership can be paid off early while still earning a profit.

This can save some significant relief on your personal finances as well as the property’s. Many model homes are designed for sale or outrighted so that anyone can take advantage of this platform.

However, this type of model requires more expertise and skills for investors to use. If you are not experienced in managing debt, looking at these models may be an effective way to invest and gain exposure to the industry.

Equity partnerships

Innovative Real Estate Financing Tools for Hotel and Apartment Building Investors

A partnership is a type of financing that combines the help of an investor with the support of a partner in an arrangement where you as an individual investor invest your money in a company and the company uses that money to help finance an expansion or acquisition of another company.

The part of the money that you put into the partnership is called equity. The partners get a share of the profit if the expansion or acquisition happens and they vote power on decisions for it to happen.

There are several kinds of equity partnerships. Some are structured like stock partnerships, where investors receive shares but do not have any control over them. Other kinds resemble mortgage loans, where investors receive a right to purchase assets, but no control over them.

This kind has control rights, but not shares.

BRRRR investing

Innovative Real Estate Financing Tools for Hotel and Apartment Building Investors

BRRRR (business real estate reinvestment loan) is a unique real estate financing tool. It allows investors to utilize excess cash and stock in their existing property to purchase additional units in the same building.

This new buyers group has created a website, called InvestParticpation, that allows you to create a bank account dedicated to your property purchases. This account is called a participation account and can be used for all kinds of purchases, including new units.

By using Participation Account, you can buy new units as soon as you receive your tax return. It does take a little bit of time for the bank to approve the transaction, but that is just due to volume!

I would say that this is best used for quick buys, because if you want to own multiple buildings in the same complex, then you must use this tool.

Conditional sales agreement

Innovative Real Estate Financing Tools for Hotel and Apartment Building Investors

A conditional sales agreement (CSA) is a powerful real estate financing tool. A CSA gives you the option to resell your ownership interest in a property if certain conditions are met.

For example, if you want to move into the building as an owner-tenant, you can sign a CSA that allows you to purchase the property at a discount if it is resold as an apartment unit.

The unit may be for sale at any time, so you can immediately take advantage of this special deal if it was successful in securing a new tenant. If not, then you can always list your unit for sale under your name and take advantage of the discounted valuation provided by the unit.)

As an owner-tenant, you may be able to take advantage of some of these special deals. For example, when acquiring a new apartment building, you can look for vacant units that have been highly sought after and negotiated on favorable terms such as lower rental prices.

Construction completion guarantees

Innovative Real Estate Financing Tools for Hotel and Apartment Building Investors

A construction completion guarantee is a great tool for real estate investors. Construction completion guarantees require that at least one unit in a housing or apartment building is complete and occupied at the time of purchase.

This assurance does not apply to vacant units, which are considered unencumbered property. These can be sold quickly as the deal is backed by a construction guarantee.

A construction completion guarantee can help buyers get their home fast. If it is not completed on date of purchase, the buyer can take it to the seller and have it completed. This saves time and money in future purchases.

It also protects your investment from any changes in ownership or development projects which may change location or occupancy. A new owner will probably give you a lower interest rate to avoid this protection ending.

Corporate sponsorships

Innovative Real Estate Financing Tools for Hotel and Apartment Building Investors

Sponsorship is an expensive way to promote a real estate project. Most companies offer packages that include marketing, advertising, and financial incentives for new property owners.

Mostly used in high-end projects, corporate sponsorship can help elevate the profile of the property. It also helps build trust in new owners, tenants, and community members.

To be accepted as a sponsor, developers have to meet certain standards such as paying their bills on time and showing proof of ownership. Their previous ownership must also provide proof of equity in the property before they can receive any help from a company.

It is hard to get started as a corporate sponsor because it takes time to build up your credibility in the community and with your investors.

Partnering with a celebrity

Innovative Real Estate Financing Tools for Hotel and Apartment Building Investors

Being connected to a powerful person in real estate is an important tool for business expansion. The celebrity can help get your new property listed in a desirable area, negotiate high rents or concessions with tenants, and bring in extra money to help run the business.

The ability to raise funds is also valuable for an owner looking to expand their operation. A well-known investor or a property manager can assist with obtaining enough funding to complete a project.

Having the ability to raise funds quickly is important for real estate investors, as they need access to reliable sources of funding quickly. Without quick access to capital, projects cannot be completed!

Having the support of a celebrity can also help expand your business and reach new audiences. By introducing them into your project, you will gain more publicity and recognition which in turn helps continue growth and extension of your business.


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