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How To Structure A Winning Joint Venture For Your Hotel Or Apartment Building

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Choosing a joint venture partner is very important, due to the fact that both parties will need to work together in order for the deal to come together. There are many different types of partner, which can make it complicated to find the right one for your project.

In order for a joint venture partner to be successful, they must be reputable and have good business skills. When dealing with a company, there is a process that has to be followed from initial contact through completion.

This process can vary slightly from one company to another, but typically it includes: receiving equipment or materials; working with suppliers; and signing off on final documents.

When working with an unknown company, it is important to have at least two meetings between both parties to determine if communication fails, or they get what they want but from different sources.

Find the best joint venture partners

How to Structure a Winning Joint Venture for Your Hotel or Apartment Building

Once you have your partner properties, the fun begins. It is important to find your matchmakers in the industry, because they will help you structure your deals properly.

For example, a hospitality company that owns and runs several hotels can partner with an apartment complex to offer short-term rental units. As a hospitality company, you can partner with a restaurant to offer customers dining experiences at your location.

As cost-effective solutions for your guests, these solutions can work well together. Determining what partners you have is hard work, but it comes with rewards in the form of satisfied customers and high ranking on industry websites.

Finding the right joint venture partners will cost some time and money, but in return you will gain quality partners who can help you expand your business.

Create a detailed agreement

How to Structure a Winning Joint Venture for Your Hotel or Apartment Building

In the event that both parties fail to meet their obligations under the agreement, there may be legal obligations that must be satisfied, such as paying taxes, arranging insurance, and managing waste and environmental concerns.

It is in your best interest to draft an agreement that meets your expectations and those of your partners. What you intend to share, what types of information your partners need to know, and how they will know it should all be included in the agreement.

If one party fails to fulfill its part of the deal, the other party may have a right of recourse. This means that if the first party wants something from the second but does not have enough money available to meet their obligation, then they can ask for help from someone else.

With recourse clauses included in your deal, there is a possibility that if one side fails to fulfill their part of the agreement, another party can seek help from yours to fulfill their part of the deal.

Keep your legal documents up to date

How to Structure a Winning Joint Venture for Your Hotel or Apartment Building

As the president says, it’s the Idea that wins, not the ability to execute. So, it’s important to keep your paperwork up to date on your alliance.

While a hotel or an apartment building can create a joint venture with a non-hotel business, the crucial legal documents must be signed by both sides.

A non-profit organization can partner with an apartment building as long as they have not received any funding from a government agency or company since establishing their property.

If there is going to be revenue generated from selling goods and services, then there must be someone in place to manage and oversee this process. Allied with an additional person who can help monitor and oversee revenue and staff coming in helps keep these key details signed and filed.

Maintain balance in the joint venture

How to Structure a Winning Joint Venture for Your Hotel or Apartment Building

In order to keep your balance in the joint venture, you need to make sure you are receiving enough in return for your investment of up to 5% of the total sales revenue.

For example, if your joint venture is investing $50,000 in equipment, product packaging supplies, and marketing materials, then you must provide a business case for this investment that shows how it will benefit your community.

On the other hand, if you were to invest $50,000 in equipment without a business case, then there was no reason for your involvement in the joint venture. This could have led to dissention and conflict between parties, causing both sides to lose money.

In order for your involvement to be worth it, there needs to be proof that the investment will benefit the community.

Know your partner

How to Structure a Winning Joint Venture for Your Hotel or Apartment Building

Having a well-informed partner can be the difference between a victory and a defeat in business. If your partner does not fit with their other partners, they will be forced to competitors them.

To find out if your partner is a good match for you, you can look at their reputation and experience. If they have failed before in getting what they want, it is more likely that they will fail again with my client’s money.

When looking at each other’s records, it is important to remember that one of them may own 60% of the company but the other 40%. It is easy to become focused on what belongs to whom and who gets what.

It is important to remember that there are hidden motives behind business deals and that one of the owners may not necessarily be the majority owner.

Watch for opportunities

How to Structure a Winning Joint Venture for Your Hotel or Apartment Building

While doing joint venture deals, you will often see opportunities to make money through an alliance or partnership. These opportunities can be hard to spot, but with the right strategy, you can be successful.

Many times, these opportunities come in the form of profits from merchandise or services offered by a partner company. For instance, when a partner offers security services, you provide your own. Or if they provide legal services, you provide your own.

To find these opportunities and make money together with your partner, you just have to look! Fortunately for you, we will turn it into a bullet point so that it is easy to understand.

Partner with the right company

How to Structure a Winning Joint Venture for Your Hotel or Apartment Building

As mentioned earlier, your partner plays a role in your project. He or she can help you market your project and reach new audiences.

However, he or she also may hinder this relationship by demanding excessive compensation in the event of a sale. Since you are the seller, if this person does not make money when marketing and promoting your project, then you have lost out on the opportunity to monetize your project.

If someone is not willing to take on this responsibility, look for another company that is willing to assume the same responsibilities.

By having two or more companies join together as your partner, you can eliminate any conflicts of interest or compensation issues. You can also save money in the long run because they both share expenses such as marketing materials and fees.

Maximize revenue from your hotel or apartment building

How to Structure a Winning Joint Venture for Your Hotel or Apartment Building

When building or investing in a property, you need to think about the revenue that your property can produce and how you can maximize that revenue.

Many times when developing a property, the owner pays more for their property than they should because they were underdeveloped. If another entity comes in and develops the property, they may overpay because they received more value from the project than what they paid for it.

If someone wants to develop your property, you may want to consider selling your ownership so someone else can develop it at a higher level. Doing this will help gain more investors and developers, which helps maximize your project’s value.

Another tip is to avoid taking mortgage loans on properties that are not fully developed or those that require heavy renovations before ownership is transferred. With only owning part of the loan, you can minimize debt caused by developers and investors.

Finally, do not overextend yourself when developing a project. If something needs to be fixed or expanded, take out new loans or invest in equipment and workers to complete the projects.


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