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How To Navigate The Complex World Of Commercial Real Estate Taxes And Incentives

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As the housing market continues to recover, residential real estate prices are steadily returning to previous levels. This makes it a great time to begin investing in commercial real estate.

In this article, we will discuss ways to help you navigate the complex world of commercial real estate taxes and incentives. Furthermore, we will give specific tips on how to get your business up and running with government tax credits and grants.

At the end of the article, you will have the confidence to approach your boss with a proposal for a project that you want to take on. After all, you know they will be more inclined to listen if you show them that you are vested in this project.

This article will also discuss ways for non-profits and businesses to obtain government grants and tax credits.

Research the tax rates for your area

How to Navigate the Complex World of Commercial Real Estate Taxes and Incentives

While real estate taxes are a sensitive topic in today’s society, too many people ignore them can lead to frustration.

There are many research sites that discuss tax laws, so you do not have to rely on local officials. Even though there is a fee, local developers charge for the privilege of using these sites to educate themselves and prospective home buyers.

Researching the tax rates for your property is important. You do not want to be hit with a tax bill that is higher than the property’s value due to errors in taxation. You also want to make sure you are accounting for all of the taxes that you charge on your property.

If local officials ask for documentation, make sure to provide it! By being forthcoming with information, you will help yourself and your business grow and retain good clients.

Understand capital gains and deprecation rules

How to Navigate the Complex World of Commercial Real Estate Taxes and Incentives

When you buy or sell a house, property taxes are typically calculated on the basis of the current market value of the home.

This value is determined by the previous owners’ market value when they sold and their tax rate. The new market value is the current tax rate plus any additional incentives such as tax rebates.

However, deprecation fees can apply if you want to re-sell your home in less than a year. These fees apply to properties that have been on the market for less than one year before you re-sell them.

If you want to depreciate your home over a longer period of time, there are special rules involved.

Maximize your tax deductions

How to Navigate the Complex World of Commercial Real Estate Taxes and Incentives

Although real estate taxes are not heavily regulated, managing tax deductions can be difficult. This is due to many tax software programs, and app, which do not include all tax loopholes.

For example, although real estate taxes are paid on the property’s value added during sale or purchase, this kind of tax does not apply to apps and software-based properties. Thus, when buying an app or an app-based property, the buyer needs to consider whether to take the property public record or cut their taxes by revaluating the property’s value during purchase.

Another tip that may surprise you was that real estate taxes are not calculated in terms of percent of a property’s value, but rather in terms of money spent. For instance, a $10,000 home cost $100 worth of taxes per year. This is because they use regular accounting methods to calculate their bill and tax deductions.

Know the impact of new legislation

How to Navigate the Complex World of Commercial Real Estate Taxes and Incentives

New legislation can have a large impact on real estate taxes and incentives. It is important to remain up to date on legislative changes so you can continue to receive all of your incentives and tax breaks.

New legislation may make a tax law change, or increase in the cost of property ownership or business ownership. Additionally, new government funding sources may be introduced such as a “reinvestment” bill or “investment return” bill.

Keep in mind that while the law may state that a “new” piece of legislation does not affect property taxes and/or incentives, it can still have an effect on you and your business.

Consider incentives or a rebate program

How to Navigate the Complex World of Commercial Real Estate Taxes and Incentives

There are several ways to receive a rebate or tax preference in the commercial real estate market. All of these programs have their benefits and limitations, making them a flexible tool to help increase your bottom line.

Most programs have deadlines for applying, so do not delay! Some sites even require you to be currently occupying an existing space to qualify for an incentive. Others give you a free upsell-ready space.

Whether you are looking at property located in a non-profit community, near an urban area with strong job growth, or something more specific like rent stabilized housing, this article will go into more detail about the different incentives and how to use them.

Talk to your advisor about commercial real estate taxes

How to Navigate the Complex World of Commercial Real Estate Taxes and Incentives

Commercial real estate taxes can be a bit complicated. There are incentives and tax breaks specific to real estate, sales and inheritance taxes, as well as fees.

To help you understand all of these pieces, here is some advice from your real estate agent: ask her how much the property will be taxed and what it costs to meet the requirements of the tax law.

Then, work with your agent to lower the tax bill by taking advantage of various incentives and filing strategies. By working with your agent, you will keep more of the money in your hands to spend on property investments or business growth.

The rest of this article will go more in depth with specific tips for you. For now, take a moment to imagine what kind of property you would buy – does it seem like it would support a good level of business activity? If so, look into commercial real estate taxes to support your assumption.


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