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How To Attract Qualified Buyers For Your Commercial Real Estate Property

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Finding a property (or a property for that matter) that is the right fit for you is called finding a palate-corrected match. While not recommended, you can try matching the size, shape, and location of the property to yours.

This technique can be helpful if you are looking to move or change neighborhoods, or if you have some additional investments like a home equity loan or retirement savings invested in the property.

But it only works if the buyer sees it as a fit. If not, they are likely to look elsewhere.

This article will talk about how to attract qualified buyers for your commercial real estate property. We will discuss some basic tips that can help get more qualified people into your property to buy.

When we say “qualified buyers”, we are talking about people who can afford the property on their monthly income.

Provide detailed information about your property

How to Attract Qualified Buyers for Your Commercial Real Estate Property

Providing detailed information about a property will give buyers and sellers alike a sense of confidence. If a person is given enough information, they can feel comfortable investing their money in their property.

This goes for both buyers and sellers. When a person is prepared with details about the property they are interested in, they will be more likely to submit an application for purchase.

For example, if the property were priced at a specific amount or with a set deadline established, then it will be easier for someone to invest their money in it. If the deadline was February 1st and someone wanted to purchase the property by then, they would need to make some kind of commitment.

Create a website for your property

How to Attract Qualified Buyers for Your Commercial Real Estate Property

Having a website can be its own toolbox of strategies for attracting qualified buyers. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you would like!

Most importantly, the website should be dedicated to your property. You want to draw attention to this asset that you have in your community, and people looking to buy property will see your website and feel attracted to it.

You can have a free page, a basic page with some information about the property, or even a fully customized page that includes everything buyers look for.

Having a website is also important for people searching your site. If someone looking to buy property online sees Your Property Website has a website for sale, they may contact you to ask questions about the site and how it works. This could lead to them being interested in purchasing the site and the property they are looking at.

Get listed on commercial real estate websites

How to Attract Qualified Buyers for Your Commercial Real Estate Property

Currently, there are three major commercial real estate websites:, StreetEasy, and Real Estate Nation. On each site you can create a personalized listing that is tailored to your specific property and market.

These lists are free to create, so do not worry about putting too much pressure on the property. It is important for buyers to put enough effort into finding the property that they would be comfortable purchasing it.

When searching for a property, buyers should be prepared to provide enough information about the property such as: neighborhood quality, commute times, potential renovations, and what kind of feedback they have received for properties like this.

Reach out to brokers and agents

How to Attract Qualified Buyers for Your Commercial Real Estate Property

Even though telephone conversations are a quick and easy way to attract new clients, in this case you should use professional text messages and calls.

By having a relationship with your fellow agents and brokers, you will have more credibility when contacting buyers or investors. They are the ones who determine if a property is suitable for their needs, as well as evaluate the property itself.

This is why it is so important to keep in touch with these people regularly to keep your reputation high.

Target corporate companies in the area

How to Attract Qualified Buyers for Your Commercial Real Estate Property

When a company is looking to relocate or expand their business, they are often looking for more space.

This is especially true if they were recently Pharaoh and wanted your land to be re-gifted due to their new power of prosperity. Then, you would have to deal with the hassle of upgrading your infrastructure and relocating your staff.

Unfortunately, this does not always apply to small companies that need additional space for their operations. There may be a lack of corporate clients who see what you can do and want it in addition to the current equipment.

However, you can still target this area of property development by having a clear target. For example, have a target buyer who fits your criteria but cannot afford the full purchase price at this time.

Then, try sending them an incentive offer that includes future incentives if they buy into them.

Run ads for your property

There are many sites and apps that allow you to run ad campaigns for your property. These campaigns target specific areas such as real estate listings, or specific properties within a listing.

This is a great way to get the word out about your property, and also to attract potential buyers. They can be ran by either the buyer or agent, it depends on who is using it.

Many times they are very affordable so even more people can find what they want!

These campaign ads can help grow your business as well as your property value. If someone were to decide they wanted to purchase the property but not sell, then this would not affect their ability to do so due to the advertising.

If you are already running newspaper ads, flyers, or online ads for your property, then adding these new campaign ads will just add more potential buyers and sellers into the market.

Host open houses for your property

How to Attract Qualified Buyers for Your Commercial Real Estate Property

holding a special open house is a great way to attract qualified buyers to your property. During the open house, you can invite people to tour your property and ask if they would like to discuss their interest in your property with you and/or other potential buyers.

Most of the time, during the open houses, you can see some potential buyers coming into the house to take a look. That’s how they learn about your property since they come at the scheduled open house!

If you are planning an interior design show, be ready for the guests that are coming! You want to welcome all of your guests, right? Then give them all some feedback about what they liked and what changes you wanted made next.

Be transparent with potential buyers about the condition of your property

How to Attract Qualified Buyers for Your Commercial Real Estate Property

You can make a nice sell off your property by telling potential buyers about the recent weather, bird sightings, and updates on the property. These things matter to buyers!

Weigh your options and choose a candidate property with care. But when it comes time to show them your home, you’re ready.

You’ve protected your investment, displayed pride in your home, and displayed good faith by agreeing to show it only when offered. All of these things contribute to a easier sale and more profit when you finally sell it.

When it comes time to buy a home, there are many factors that go into choosing where to live.


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