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Exploring The World Of Asset-Based Lending For Unconventional Real Estate

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Asset-based lending, also known as debt for real estate, has become very popular in today’s economy. There are many companies that offer assetbased loans using jumbo or standard balances as a starting point.

As with all loans, the interest rate is not the only thing that determines how popular asset-based lending can be. Make sure to look for places that allow you to modify the loan if you need to or want to do so.

Moderation is a very common way people use asset-based lending for buying and property investment. People use it to help lower their risk when they go into ownership, save money in loan modification, and increase their liquidity by lending it out quickly.

Who is eligible for asset-based lending?

Asset-based lending has become a mainstream practice for making loans in today’s economy. It has become increasingly popular due to the freedom it gives borrowers to choose their Lending Partner (LP) and product-line-of-bizotype.

For example, a bank may offer traditional loans such as mortgages, loan-for-rehabilitation loans, and credit cards, all packaged into one product line. Or a rehab company could offer one or more rehabs on the same property, packaged together as its asset.

The key feature of asset-based lending is that it uses an assessment of a property’s value using various methods such as land value increase, appreciation, estimated capital expenditures, and projected revenues to calculate a debt amount. The total debt owed must be equal to or greater than the property’s assessed value (i.e., how much money it will sell for).

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Exploring the World of Asset-Based Lending for Unconventional Real Estate

Asset-based lending is a new way to get a loan. Most lenders are looking for good credit, reliable income, and an existing property to use as collateral.

Many find that because asset-based loans do not require as much paperwork and proof, you are more willing to get out there and apply for a loan. Because of this, many are opening up again after years out of the spotlight.

However, with the lack of qualified analysts in today’s economy, most have different opinions about who should get an asset-based loan. Some say it is too risky for people with weak credit or no money down yet.


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