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Creative Financing Strategies For Distressed Property Owners

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Distressed property is a pretty scary thing to deal with. As the name suggests, it is involved in times of distress or concern for an urgent situation.

It refers to property that has a low value due to factors such as financial difficulty, needing shelter from weather or any threat, and a desire to avoid complete abandonment.

Because of this, many find innovative ways to finance the purchase and/or preservation of the property. Some use government funds through assistance programs, private mortgage loans, or even sales financing.

This article will discuss some interesting creative financing strategies for distressed property owners looking for new funding sources. Whether they are using bank loans, equity investments, asset sales, or even public assistance programs, they will find some way to provide funding for their property.

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Provide an offer-then-negotiate process

After a property owner presents a distressed situation, a bank or seller offers the seller cash immediately. Alternatively, the bank can provide equity in the form of a loan.

At this point, the property owner has a choice: accept the cash offer, or contact the lender and negotiate your equity investment.

Many times this approach works because both parties are comfortable with what they receive. The investor gets a quality property at an affordable price, and the owner gets additional income from their property while receiving some extra money from the buyout.

In addition to providing adequate representation, successful negotiators are good at nonverbal cues. When negotiations get tense, people tend to lean towards pushing or pulling certain objects on the table.

Understand your investor audience

Creative Financing Strategies for Distressed Property Owners

Before introducing any new investor or non-investor audiences to your property, you should consider what kind of person or group they are who would benefit from your property.

What kind of investors are looking at your property? Are they looking for long-term investment opportunities or more temporary gains? Is it a mix of individuals seeking investment income or individuals needing a reliable source of income? Or is it just someone looking to make money?

These types of questions should be asked when developing the marketing materials for your property, creating the “brand” for your entity, and deciding on a name for your business.

Since this article is focused on creative financing strategies for distressed property owners, we will turn the focus to them next. For our purposes, we will use a distressed property as our example.

Use visual aids when presenting to investors

Creative Financing Strategies for Distressed Property Owners

Providing visual aids at a property presentation can be a cheap way to draw attention to a property. By putting up posters, posting pictures on Facebook or Instagram, or having them in the room, these images can help convey a feel for the property and what it’s all about.

These images can also be useful when offering investors a tour. If you have good-quality pictures of the interior and exterior of the property, then when they visit the residence as an investor, they can provide a better sense of what the place is like.

The more-detailed pictures may also help prove ownership if someone is asked to verify their holdings as an investor. Providing no picture is also an option here, since investors will eventually see what the property looks like without having one piece of evidence.

By having no pictures or only minimal pictures, it shows that this person cares about what they offer and how they market their house.

Create a website and marketing materials

Creative Financing Strategies for Distressed Property Owners

This can be a simple website or brochure that includes information about your property and nearby properties, how much it is worth, and its unique qualities.

Create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat account to keep updated on new owners and property sales. Use these to promote your property as well as the surrounding homes for an added bonus

Use the internet to research other distressed properties that may be of value. You can often find very cheap advertising fees by running a website with other users as visitors.

If you are having trouble selling your property, creating a website and marketing materials may help gain some quick attention. Creating an online presence will help build confidence which can ultimately help in finding another buyer.lornt: both actions increase the visibility of the property on the internet and in various media sources.

Provide financial documentation to investors

Creative Financing Strategies for Distressed Property Owners

A lot of people invest in property through the market due to the availability of financial documentation for investors. As a property owner in distress, you will need to provide your identity, assets, and liabilities in order for your property to be considered for investment.

In order to qualify as an investor, you must show that you are able to maintain a healthy ratio of debt to assets. You must also prove that you can afford any payments that the property might require from the investors.

Advertising and marketing your home is an art and requires specialised skills. You must find ways to market your home without buying it, by offering free things such as estimates or commencement of work. By offering free things, you will encourage interested parties to contact you, however, this may cause stress and pressure on the home as well as the investor.

Making sure that there are no insurance claims or other problems with the home seems like a reasonable precaution against insurance fraud however small it may be.

Get your house ready to sell by creating an attractive exterior

Creative Financing Strategies for Distressed Property Owners

There are many ways to create a look and feel for your home. If your property looks tired and run-down, people will not want to visit it because they will think it is messy and unpleasant.

If you have a fancy exterior that gets lots of sun, you can invest in vinyl or plastic window seals to make them more resistant to the elements. If you have a very formal look, consider investing in luxury vinyl or plastic windows with matching doors and floors.

Put away any old decorations that remind you of past houses or times. When people visit, put those things up so they do not remind anyone of past things.

Put up security systems if these tips are true for your property such as video surveillance, alarms, and smart tech devices. You want those tools to help prevent crimes but also keep the home safe and secure.

Maximize your home value with interior upgrades

Creative Financing Strategies for Distressed Property Owners

Remodeling or adding new rooms to an existing house is a fun way to put down some money. If you want a new room, then add money into the purchase and you can add it to your home!

There are many places that offer financing options for interior remodel projects so do your research and find the best deal for your property. Most sites offer fairly easy online platforms of payment transfers and contract signing.

Intrusive security measures such as CCTV camera’s, perimeter sensors, and panic buttons are always a good idea when renovating or upgrading your home. Having all of these tools available would prevent a potentially violent intruder from causing any property damage.

As with any renovation project, be sure to keep all of your materials and supplies up to date.

Learn about grant funding for home improvements

Creative Financing Strategies for Distressed Property Owners

There are many sources for funding home improvements, including government funded programs such as the Home & Community Rebuild program and community-based organizations that offer their own grants for improvements.

While these sources may seem complicated at first, they are very helpful in providing guidance on how much money to give you opponent. It is also important to know what projects you can afford, as there are no exceptions.

When applying for a grant, it is important to clearly state what you want to do with the property and why it is needed. An example of this would be applying for a $500 toward a bathroom remodel Grant vs. building a patio outside of the house.

Having both options available will help your opponents determine which one is best for them vs. you!. He or she will have to take into account both projects when deciding whether or not to give you money.


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