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Capitalizing On Market Conditions: Timing Your Hotel Or Apartment Building Sale Or Financing

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Sale or financing a complex is an option when property prices in your area are high and you cannot afford to renovate or invest in growth of the property market.

It is also possible to sell or finance a complex when property values are not expected to increase significantly and/or consumer spending does not grow quickly.

These types of deals can be valuable if you need cash on short notice! Learn more about this type of deal here.

For example, if a hotel needs the money quickly, but does not want to upgrade their equipment or expand, a bank can offer a financing deal. These take less time than getting another loan, but make sure you have your ducks in a row before giving up any money.

Timing is everything

Capitalizing on Market Conditions: Timing Your Hotel or Apartment Building Sale or Financing

When it comes to running a business, timing is the most important element of management. If you do not time your purchases or investments, you may end up with more than you want or need.

Success in real estate is about timing the market and financing your purchase for success. When people buy and run with their assumptions about the market, they are more likely to succeed.

It takes a certain amount of confidence to buy when others are selling and when you are still new to real estate. Take your time to think and buy before you buy, if you will already have the cash available to buy at that time.

Start now by identifying the features of your property that make it special or what you would need to change to make it standard housing construction. Take advantage of online tools such as online-assumptions-test-tool to see what properties meet these criteria.

Who to sell to

Capitalizing on Market Conditions: Timing Your Hotel or Apartment Building Sale or Financing

When selling your apartment or hotel unit, you should consider who your neighbors are, how they use the space, and if they would be interested in renting or buying the unit.

Your neighbors can help you find potential buyers as they have already spent time in the building. Also, people who live in your building but don’t use the apartment may not be willing to pay a high enough rent to make a purchase profitable.

Searching onlineized databases of people who live in buildings is a great way to find potential buyers. While some may not buy the home because of low quality property maintenance, this will save them money in future maintenance fees.

If there are people whom you think would be good owners for your building, contact them so they can learn about your property and its surroundings.

Who will buy my property?

Capitalizing on Market Conditions: Timing Your Hotel or Apartment Building Sale or Financing

Once a property is on the market, it is difficult to get multiple interested parties to come and look at it. Each person must be invited in order for them to buy it.

If you own a large apartment complex or hotel, you may find interest coming in as the residents that want to sell their units. If you have several homes or properties, people may want to purchase a piece of each of those homes or properties.

If you have a large house or group of houses that are owned collectively, people may want to purchase individual parts of those homes. If you have lots of parking and traffic problems with your property, people may want to purchase so they can focus on living on the property rather than fighting for access to it.

Weighing factors such as location, privacy, sales price, and outlook for the future, who will buy your property remains an important question driven by who wants to purchase it and when they will buy it.

Know your options for financing or refinancing

Financing is great for expanding your property portfolio as well as for reselling buildings. Most of the time, when a buyer purchases a property with a loan, the seller receives a fee for transferring ownership. This can be significant money.

As a seller, you can receive significant savings if you receive a low-interest loan from the bank or mortgage company. As a seller, you also get access to more properties and potential buyers who may not be eligible for conventional financing.

Recognizing the perfect buyer

Capitalizing on Market Conditions: Timing Your Hotel or Apartment Building Sale or Financing

When a buyer is identified, it is important to recognize their specific needs and goals. As the owner, you can serve these needs by providing information about the property and how the property fits into their lifestyle.

It is also important to know who the perfect buyer is when the property is sold. A person with a large down payment and a high-paying job will always be better than someone with a medium down payment and a low-paying job.

Knowing who the perfect buyer is can determine whether or not you need to resubmit your application to get another chance at selling the building, or if you should just take your condominium or apartment complex up on their offer.

Prepare your property for sale

Capitalizing on Market Conditions: Timing Your Hotel or Apartment Building Sale or Financing

When a building is ready to be re-let or registered as a sell-side, do so. This includes having the right number of tenants, accurate rates, and finalized sale agreement.

A successful re-let process will have many hopeful Realtors asking if it is time to charge a fee, as they close their books on an honest sale. By being in good shape before the sale, you will save yourself and your clients plenty of hassle down the road.

If you are planning on opening a bed & breakfast or restaurant, check the local ordinances and state laws to be sure your business is legal. Check with your previous employers to see if you need to have additional skills in order to operate my business effectively.

Make sure everyone in your organization understands what steps are being taken for property management and sales financing.

Prepare your business plan

Capitalizing on Market Conditions: Timing Your Hotel or Apartment Building Sale or Financing

As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to have a plan when starting your business. Without this plan, members of your business team, investors, and the public will be unable to understand what you want to achieve with your business.

The majority of start-ups fail because the founders lack the knowledge and experience in running a business. In order to have an opportunity to succeed, investors will need to see proof that you can run a business.

Start-ups that invest in people are much more successful than those that do not.

Know your property values

Capitalizing on Market Conditions: Timing Your Hotel or Apartment Building Sale or Financing

Even if you know the value of your property, there are ways to increase the value of your asset without selling or financing it. These include buying and re-ferring tenants, running a business onsite, and producing income from sources outside of your property.

Some of these potential revenue sources include businesses you organize in groups or organizations, marketing groups, and running an event or series of events. all of which can raise revenue for your property.

Knowing what values your property has can help in two ways: choosing a location for my property and deciding whether to sell or finance it.

When choosing the location for my property, I look at how far it is from the city center and how well transportation systems work there. I also check what types of properties are around me because I love unique properties.


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