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10 Amazing Distressed Properties Waiting For Your Personal Touch

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Distressed properties are a sweet, little niche market. Beside property flip sites like and luxury-property-flipping-sites like, distressed properties are also very popular subjects for photography.

Even though it may be less glamorous, distressed property photography is a very creative way to market yourself. There is potential to gain new clients and exposure to your work through this genre of photography.

As with any new genre of art, there are some guidelines that must be followed to get started.

Fixer-upper houses are great for investment purposes

10 Amazing Distressed Properties Waiting for Your Personal Touch

As per the name, this term refers to houses that are in bad condition but can be repaired. These houses could be single-family homes, or can be mixed types.

Many times when a house is in bad condition, it is because the owner did not maintain it. For example, they didn’t keep the water flowing, or didn’t maintain the air conditioning and heating systems.

These people paid a high price for their house because it was difficult to find and repair it.

Bring your creative and handy skills to the table

10 Amazing Distressed Properties Waiting for Your Personal Touch

When a home is severely damaged, it can be difficult to determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired.

However, by going into business as a contractor or architect, you can provide additional services such as remodeling or new construction. These properties are waiting for you to touch and enjoy them!

Some of these extremely damaged homes have been abandoned for years, but recently they have been getting attention from family and friends wanting to get a piece of this incredible property.

Whether you want to work on the exterior or the inside, you can make a huge difference on this property. You can choose whether to start from the top down or from the bottom up!

Home renovation is a business that requires special skills, but also money and willingness to take risks.

Distressed homes need love and care

There is something about a old building that makes you want to get inside and touch the bricks and concrete. There is a sense of history surrounding these structures and you want to be a part of that.

Get involved with those buildings by offering them upgrades or cleaning services. Doing these small things will make a huge difference to them- they will be drawn into your confidence and grace as an individual, making you more comfortable in asking them for help.

When seeking assistance, be honest about what you can do and how much you will cost them. If you have help available, do not charge extra- those who can afford it can save the help themselves!

It is important to keep those with special skills and abilities aware of your community, because they can use their assistance on your behalf.

Fixer-upper properties are great for investment purposes

10 Amazing Distressed Properties Waiting for Your Personal Touch

While some may consider them a little sleazy, a property that is in poor condition but has lots of potential for expansion or renovation can be very interesting to look at.

Since they are located in difficult or dangerous areas, they may have some special rights to remain un-improved and in their current condition. This can be wonderful and inspiring!

If you had a good spot in your mind that this property needed something, you could potentially make a lot of money fixing it up. Or, you could take advantage of the situation and put an outstanding property back on the market.

Both parties can gain from this, so it is not a completely non-renumeration situation. You still get the public recognition, since the government recognizes these properties as social services centers which need to be fixed up.

These are great sources for news articles too, as they report on these old properties that are in need of repairs but not demolition.

Run down houses aren’t always bad

10 Amazing Distressed Properties Waiting for Your Personal Touch

While it can make a property look bad or run down, trauma storied property can also bring in serious income.

Trauma historic properties are famous for! Many pay considerable fees to update and update well these days.

If you are an enthusiastic interior designer or architect, you may be interested in the antiqued and distressed properties you see around town. They may be worth a look.

These homes might be worth preserving because of the memories they hold for the owner. They can be a source of family and personal growth, as the owner moves on to another phase of life.

Some people even relocate from urban settings to more rural areas to find these homes more valuable than before.

Bring your creative and handy skills to the table

10 Amazing Distressed Properties Waiting for Your Personal Touch

When your neighborhood is in need of new space to call your own, look beyond the normal charts and statistics rate of spaces. Local businesses are bound by regulations and guidelines that do not factor in size or location.

By extending yourself and providing quality service to the community, you will increase your influence and value in the business world and later in life, when you want a career change or retirementss.

Local businesses are a vital part of society and contribute financially as well as emotionally to the communitys well-being. Without their support, structures cannot operate properly and people cannot get their needs met.

Distressed homes need love and care

10 Amazing Distressed Properties Waiting for Your Personal Touch

There is a reason most luxury real estate companies look distressed before offering a property. If the property looks good, then the buyer feels comfortable buying it.

If it doesn’t look good, then they know they will have to fix it before they are comfortable with it as a home. A lot of time when buying a home is determining if you feel comfortable living in it or not.

If you are able to love and care for a property, then it is an amazing asset. We see many lovers of distressed properties on social media, we see them coming and prodding them to take ownership of this property and make it their own.

They are working with their own funds and someone else can come take ownership of the property but they must be ready to fix everything on their own.

Fixer-upper properties are great for investment purposes

10 Amazing Distressed Properties Waiting for Your Personal Touch

As name suggests, a “fixer-upper property” is properties that are in the process of being renovated or repaired.

As you can imagine, this means you have the ability to purchase a property at a lower price than when it was vacant. When these properties go on the market, they can be hard to tell which changes are original and which ones have been added.

If you are looking to buy a piece of real estate, then checking these properties out is an awesome way to get some insight into what has been done and how it may have changed the property.


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