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UBU Financial is a family office dedicated to financing alternatives for residential and commercial real estate assisting with acquisition, development, re-development, management & rental of real property. We are a loan originator, lending and investing in various public and private sectors.

Our Services

We Deploy Our Strategies Exceptionally Fast

We specialize in funding unique projects, that do not otherwise qualify for traditional financing, creating value in deals that have been overlooked. We will buy, fund or joint venture deals that support UBU Financial goals of safeguarding and managing the financial investments of the family office.

Our Support Is Where We Thrive

Our expertise ranges from hospitality, cannabis, technology, energy, to all areas of real estate. We have a commitment to risk mitigation through asset and industry diversification in all investments. We believe that we are investing in great people just as much as we are investing in great opportunities.

We Are Committed to Project Revitalization

We invest in real estate projects that are vacant, stalled or distressed. We can assume leadership immediately, comfortable with transitions as short as three months
We can be creative to help the seller achieve all their objectives, while retaining current employee and relations
bringing quality, affordable solutions.

Philanthropic Support of Community Transformation

Funding community enhancement of residential real estate with sound, sustainable, long- term re-development and management practices. We support the efforts and innitatives of Community Comfort Ltd. in the community, creating sustainable, affordable housing options for the resource-contrained.

About Us

UBU Financial was originally established as Wis-Starr Investments and founded in 1976, over the years UBU Financial has been designed for customers looking for the best loans and mortgage rates to meet their unique needs.

We are a family office that with experienced management and a loan originator with the ability to originate residential multifamily and loans and are able to properly analyze income property cash flow, operating expenses, and property and borrower characteristics. We have the experience with property managers, appraisers, engineers, quantity surveyors and lenders to get your mortgage funded with the best mortgage rates today.  Focused on serving the needs of our commercial multi-family clients we have also developed solutions for their self-employed single family residential homes, we have programs available to utilize retained earning from their business operations instead of relying on personal income for qualification purposes.

UBU Financial has developed the right mix of experience, skills, and relationships to successfully fund mortgages, allowing us to offer you a diverse and competitive array of mortgage loans that either meet or exceed your demands.

As an active loan originator we leverage our resources to access and deliver the industry’s most progressive, effective, and dependable multifamily and commercial lending products and services.

Whether you’re looking for construction financing, re-financing of existing property or self-employed mortgage for your home, UBU Financial find the optimal funding solution.

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We are excited to hear from you, send us a message and let us know how we can serve your unique financing needs.


Address: 1959 Upper Water Street, Suite 1301, Tower 1, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3N2
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: 902-593-0249


Address: 5960 South Land Park Dr, Suite 625, Sacramento, CA 95822
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: 916-500-7827